Green juice for skin and gut health

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Sometimes I want something fresher than a smoothie, maybe face a shortage of vegetables in my daily meals, or just want to pamper my skin and gut from within. Then for me, this juice is the # 1 solution. Celery and ginger are some of my most commonly used products in juices or smoothies since they are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, and have anti-inflammatory properties. While this juice isn’t a magical elixir, I think it’s the closest thing I’ve found. After drinking them, my digestive activity always improves, and by consuming them regularly, I also notice improved skin condition.  

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Ingredientai Ingredients
1 glass (250ml) water
celery stalk
1 apple
2 teaspoons Daily Spoon for gut health
A half big cucumber
Half a lemon juice
1 teaspoon chopped ginger


Put all the ingredients, except the blend for gut health, into a blender and blend well for a few minutes.


Then, using a food gauze, firmly squeeze the juice.


Even if this method does not require a juicer, doing this we lose a little fiber from fruits and vegetables. That’s why I put Daily Spoon for gut health, as it is rich in fiber and minerals. Enjoy! 🙂 

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